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Our world is a narrative world!

Our world is a narrative world!

WAALD develops strategic narratives for the economics, politics and culture sectors.

Whether CEO, president or director, WAALD supports the strategic agenda of top decision-makers:

  • How do we achieve solid growth?
  • How do we develop effective, meaningful brand strategies?
  • How do we improve the readiness of influencers to make recommendations?
  • How do we defend cultural authority in a competitive environment?
  • How do we drive digital change and prepare organisations for the future?
  • How do we attract and retain the best talent?
  • How do we mobilise stakeholders and shareholders?
  • How do we develop successful management instruments?
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WAALD practice

New Work

Work is changing. When boundaries become blurred, processes become agile and employees demand more self-determination then it’s the end of work as we know it – it’s the start of something new.


Cultural Engineering818 1280

WAALD practice

Cultural Engineering

You are what you consume. People are increasingly defining themselves through the items and services they use. In addition to good products, innovative companies also offer them cultural identification.


Beyond Politics808 1200

WAALD practice

Beyond Politics

Associations, foundations, think tanks, parties and lobbyists all want to reach people – but the ones that are heard are the ones meaningfully embedded in people’s everyday lives.


Investor Marketing808 1200

WAALD practice

Investor Marketing

There’s no shortage of startups. Investors want more than bare facts and figures. How do founders relate their idea so that it promises not only growth but also gives a ‘why’? By using strategic narratives that convey an idea’s relevance and meaning.


Humane Technology1383 2000

WAALD practice

Humane Technology

Will humans soon be replaced by machines? Are we subjecting ourselves to artificial intelligence? Dark dystopias are fomenting fear of technical innovations. What’s being forgotten is that technologies are there for humans and enter into a productive relationship with us.


In a world of stories, we need strategic narratives for mobilisation and real change.

Frank Otto Dietrich, Managing Partner

WAALD clients

It is stories and not numbers, data or facts that drive our world. Narratives determine success or failure – whether of a start-up or an entire economy.

Ralf Schmidt-Bleeker, Managing Partner

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WAALD creative group

Ecosystems are resilient. They constantly rearrange themselves and achieve optimal performance through reliable communities. Companies can organise themselves in an equally agile way, which is why the WAALD Creative Group is set up as a living ecosystem rather than as an agency network. At WAALD, brand strategists and branch experts work hand-in-hand with filmmakers and photographers, journalists, UX designers and web developers in flexible structures.