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How a forgotten bunker is redefining data security

Blockchain technology is shaking the financial world. Virtual currencies such as Bitcoin or Ether have not only exploded in value, they are also stored completely independently of financial institutions and central banks. This requires secure, digital storage space. There are many data centres. „By contrast, there is just a small number of discreet key customers at the top of financial institutions and IT service providers, who decide where cryptocoins, identities, trade secrets or account data are stored.

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The most precious commodity of our time: data

A data centre from Switzerland managed to penetrate this difficult market environment. Instead of being just one storage location among many, the Swiss centre wanted to become the most sought-after data safe in Europe. In their collaboration with WAALD, it became clear that classic data security had become a negative topic after numerous data leaks. Decision-makers today expect more. Data must not only be safe from hackers, but also from blackouts, climate catastrophes or political unrest.

Interviews with organisation members and industry experts show that, unlike other data centres, the Swiss client can respond to the challenges of our time with a special asset: political continuity, one of the most important security promises in turbulent times. The location of the data centre itself stands for independence and continuity, as it was in the canton of Uri that the Old Swiss Confederacy was founded. On this basis, a new strategic narrative was formulated: "Hyper security for a changing world". The hyper-secure location in the middle of Europe, right on an important Internet backbone and easy to reach via the Zurich financial centre also offers the highest level of physical security, as the facility is located in a former secret nuclear bunker under a granite massif. It is supplied with sustainable energy via a local hydroelectric power station and is therefore independent of the power grid.

With this purpose strategy, the Swiss client was able to confidently address the media and selected business decision-makers. "Hyper security for a changing world" became such a convincing gateway for attracting investors that the data centre gained significantly in value. After only a few years, the location became part of a global venture that is today operating extremely secure data-storage facilities in Europe and the USA, and is currently developing a model city for blockchain projects in the Nevada desert.

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